After starting our professional lives at some small and bigger companies, runnning our own small businesses, we decided to take life by the horns and start pleasing ourselves and other people. That’s why we decided to start our own business and do things which can make people smile and feel better. We design and sew our products from scratch. We supply you with projects which are perfect in every detail because we do like a fine piece of workmanship. We never wanted to come up with any justification for what we do. The only criteria is the highest quality product with character. Our workshop is a place where you can find some soft creatures who are aggressively looking for home and some unusual owners.

All this fuss would be senseless if we weren’t able to help other people and somehow change their world. We enjoy cooperating with charity organizations. Last year we managed to leave in good hands about 40 of our creatures. We’re looking forward to taking up some new challenges this year. Any opportunity to cooperate with charity organizations is unquestionably the best part of the job we do!