**Voodoo market team

voodoo team
Maria Ziemann ( on the right) and Oryanne Dufour (on the left) are organizing the Voodoo Markets.
Thanks to friends who are also helping us!

The VOODOO MARKET is every 3 months in Berlin, for each season.
And our new project, the MiniVoodoo dedicated to kids only, is now also taking place with the VOODOO MARKET to offer you a 2 in 1 event!
We also organise occasionally some special collaborations.

We are an independent market, only organised by the two of us with lot of loves and energy.

We selected all our designers carefully to offer the best participants to our visitors.
VOODOO MARKET is a mix of creatives you couldn’t find in another market. There is no limit to the creative field in which we are arranging our selection to each market.

This “wild” crowd united by our passion and admiration for their skills is creating an atmosphere, unseen so far in Berlin. VOODOO MARKET is not about rushing over presented “products” and coming for some quick shopping. We are far more a place where people get to know each other. There is an exchange between visitors and creative participants. We are always inviting our guests to get to know the creatives, watch them create something live, have a cool beer or warm tea, simply listen to our DJs or become active in the workshops we are offering.
This atmosphere attracts the after-hour Berliner as much as families with small children, and other creatives looking for inspiration. You can find any age-group at the VOODOO MARKET. It makes us really happy to see the exchange between all those people who usually don’t get together in one place.

We also believe in sharing costs equally, that’s why we ask for just 1€ at the entrance to support this magical place. And that is also why we can keep the market open for every creative participant, no matter big or small, with low fee for stands.


1. When was Voodoo first started?
It was started by Oryanne in the Summer of 2010, Maria joined when Oryanne came back from a 4 month trip in April 2011 for the 3rd edition.

2. Where did the name Voodoo come from, what was your inspiration?
We started doing the VOODOO MARKET with Chez Jacki. At the beginning it was only an outside club. We were making jokes with the owners who are also friends about doing voodoo spell to have a sunny weather! We met over a mutual artist friend who came to install a huge Voodoo typo over the bar and became friends ourselves. Then when we had the idea of the market, we picked up that name that also reflects perfectly the spirit of the event.

3. How would you say this market differs from the other ‘hand crafted’ markets? Why is this difference so vital to the Berlin design world?
VOODOO MARKET is something that we haven’t seen anywhere else before. It is a mix of creatives you couldn’t find in this constellation in another market. That’s why the idea came up to mix creative designers. There is no limit to the creative field in which we are arranging our selection to each market.

4. What is the process for choosing designers/artists like?
We are receiving a lot of interesting applications for the market. Usually it is our own taste. We are excited whenever we see something unique that none of us has seen before. Surprise us with your craftmanship or new creative field! Of course we “curate” as well. We would never allow the market to “over represent” one kind of design or craft. For example: we wouldn’t let the market become purely fashion design, burlesque or minimalistic objects. If someone sends us a mail, we like his designs but this characteristic design is already well presented, we will offer a spot at the following market.

5. Where do you both come from?
Oryanne is originally from Paris and moved to Berlin in 2008. Maria is from the rural area in the north-east of Germany

6. What is the VOODOO spirit?
We don’t see the market as a business but as our passion. If people at the entrance then ask us why they have to pay just to look at things they have to buy, then we explain the concept of creative exchange and that through the just one Euro, they do support this magical place. Did we mention that the market is not just buying and selling but so much more? We see people stay the entire afternoon with us. They get to know the designers, get their hair cut, philosoph about the possibility of getting their next tattoo, try to channel their own creativity in the workshops and see what the food participants are surprising them with this time while enjoying Tea/Beer, lemonade at the bar or listen to the DJs.