The VOODOO MARKET is every 3 months in Berlin, for each season.
And our new project, the MiniVoodoo dedicated to kids only, is now also taking place with the VOODOO MARKET to offer you a 2 in 1 event!
We also organise occasionally some special collaborations.

How to apply:
– Send us an email at with a description of what you are doing and would like to sell, some photo or a link to a website/facebook/tumblr etc… so we can see how it looks like.
– We won’t answer to people who are not sending these information.
– After checking your work we will send you a confirmation saying if you have been selected or not.This might take some times, so be patiente!

Please note that we are a currated market and we select carefully every participant. So if you send us your submission it does NOT mean that you will take part of the next market.

We charge 10€ per meter. Here are the different sizes of booth available:
2m x 1m = 20€
3m x 1m = 30€
2m x 2m = 40€
3m x 2m = 60€
No sharing stand possible. Every designer has to apply individually.
You have to bring everything you need: table, chairs, light, nails, hammer, string, tape etc… We can help you if you don’t have a table or if you come from far away.

Who can participate: everybody as long as you fit with the voodoo spirit! designers of clothes, object, jewelry, for children, artists, vintage sellers, creative people making food/performance/video… the list is open!
But we are NOT a fleamarket, so no 2nd hand.

Please note that VOODOO is selecting every participant according to their work ( quality, originality, no mass product, our own tastes, etc…), if we already have too many other participants doing the same thing, and if they have to voodoo spirit!
We are not saying yes to everybody, and the market is reflecting voodoo’s personal tastes.

It’s a friendly, creative and eclectic event.
this is not your ordinary market, this is VOODOO!“

We are looking for your email and can’t wait to discover new creative people!