Tell them a story and they will turn it into a very unique book, your own one!

The Bookomat concept is made by Irene Fernández Arcas & Marisa Bilham. Build by Marisa Bilham, Johanna Taubenreuther with the little painting help of Irene. Drawing behind the window: Marisa Bilham, Irene Fernández & Xueh Magrini Troll.
The idea is to give people a place to tell stories, to find out what is this thing they always wanted to have as a book , to find special moments in everyday, to be author and writers and creators, to laught, to capture a snapshot of the history or story of some people life.

So it work like that: someone sit in front of the window, insert coin, press the buttom, and start telling a story. And we draw it. At the end you have your illustrated book with your story.
Of course we draw fast and this is not gonna be a reall fantastic elaborated illustrated book. More a bit of art and fun.
But if you want a real illustrated book, the machine also can make it. You can make a bigger appointmet with it, outside festivals and markets.






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