A wide range of practices between art and fashion discovering the different perspectives of theree-dimensional and inner space, the real and the ethereal.

Bypassing the typical process of producing a garment, the material itself is the source of inspiration for the final design, with minimum interference. The dress codes borrows elements from different musical cultures, religions and civilizations, exert their own influence and get deconstructed so they can be used in a new contemporary way. It is also worth mentioning that the creations are free of norms that classify fashion in male and female. They remain neutral, obeying the real needs of today.

The main idea is the extension of the initial applications (capes, neck pieces) to end up with a total look with minimal lines, giving the ability to adapt to any need with the use of the appropriate accessories, insisting on the use of black color.

Each collection that is to be designed will complete the previous one without being characterized by a specific title or ID, in this way, creating a wider He-m-n-oid collection consisting of FW/SS unities.