Skating halfpipes on banana peels, silly dancing, glitter bombs – we are young, free, wild and most likely contagious. But above all we believe in effortless beauty. Instead of wasting time trying to look beautiful, we trust in a little fashion device called Blackbun.

BLACKBUN | Accessory & hairstyle hack

When Hairstyling meets Fashion… We believe that hairstyling should not take away precious time of your day – nor should it damage your hair. This is why we have developed the Blackbun: A hair accessory that does amazing things to your hair while you are wearing it (wut?!)

How does it work? Step 1: TAME – wrap your ponytail around your Blackbun so that your hair is firmly and comfortably tamed. Perfect for being busy, doing sports, getting some sleep. Enjoy the easiest hairstyle prep on the planet and after a while get ready…to UNTAME (Step 2) Unleash your hair and enjoy its new volume, awesome texture and beach wavy look.




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