I love to draw.
I love to travel with my imagination.
I love black.
I love lines.
I love animals.

FantaZy ZOO is a special illustration project I started last year. One night, I was in my room (which is also my studio at the moment) and I had this uncontrollable desire to draw. In one way, this was because I always used digital programs and really missed the joyful act of taking a pen and draw. Another reason was because I had good quality paper, which I brought back with me from Amsterdam some time ago, I wanted to use it for something unique. That night I took up this absurd road and thanks to a magical atmosphere in my room, which consisted of a desk, lamp, ink pens, some good music and the fantastic book “Animalario Universal del Profesor Revillod” — I created what I call FantaZy ZOO!
Each of these animals has a different personality and each of them is made with particular attention of detail and love. And I chose to give each of those animals a name that elevates a specific personality I recognize in them.