Fickle Sense is all about unique, sustainable, handmade clothing for women and kids.

In the Fickle Sense shop I combine my 6 loves:

* Character Design
* Illustration
* Screen Printing
* Design
* Sewing
* Sustainable Fashion

The garments feature comical English Breakfast characters with the main character being the Innocent Egg. Other characters include the Sporadic Mushroom, the Mischievous Orange and the Cheeky Baked Beans…. just to name a few. You can also find cards and toys which feature these adventurous breakfast items.

I strongly believe in the importance of sustainable fashion/practices and this is reflected in the Fickle Sense products. All fabric is sourced from sustainable means where they are ethically manufactured, organically produced or secondhand fabrics. All paper items are made from recycled paper and printed with environmentally friendly paints.

So get on the sustainable fashion bandwagon with some adventurous English Breakfast items!