Atelier Alisa Besirevic is the love-child of German-Bosnian diversity and experimentation. The opposition of both countries reflect in her designs as rational yet superstitious, quiet yet dramatic, developed yet humble. The result of being pulled between two cultures gives to her designs an eccentric although still wearable signature and the infinite thirst of reinventing herself. The name « Atelier » stands for the collaboration of creative individuals working on a common project and the independent spirit during this process, as well as for the handmade attention given to each product. Based in Paris, Alisa Besirevic collaborates with international artists challenging herself to put fashion into a different light by keeping distance to its archetype and introducing creatives who will take the world of design out of its comfort-zone. Having grown up surrounded by nature, she uses such-involved inspirations for creating unconventional materials and relaxed silhouettes .