Fabien Gilles is a French artist and had 30 years this year.
He moved to Berlin in august after living in Paris during 6 years.

Before his Parisian’s life, he studied art at Les Beaux Arts at Rennes in Brittany.
It was at this time he began working on the fictional self-portrait, based on this observation that the artist and his signature have more weight than the work produced. He decided to concentrate on making a full picture of the artist. Taking as a basis the name and image of the artist, he decided to use this to make the idea of perfect and multifaceted artist, “the artist hero.”
Doing his name and image based work, Fabien Gilles borrows from different media, such as film, politics, music, and all that surrounds him, to create a fictional world around the character, Fabien Gilles.
He uses different medium, such as painting, photography, installation, or different materials such as tape, stickers or lime paint for football field.

He produces art pieces, where Fabien Gilles alternate dictator, director, piece supremacist or commercial brand.
It is through some of the details and signs of the society around him, and by reinjecting them in his pieces, that Fabien Gilles speaks to the collective unconscious of the viewer, and gives his pieces a greater depth, close to the reality.

Not only cultivating posture painter, he introduced into his practice all processes close to hand. It prohibits any material, any means, as long as it matches with his point.
With the accumulation of his various projects, Fabien Gilles manufactures a world in his own image.

For the VOODOO MARKET Fabien GILLES will make a live art performance.