We had the idea to import acapulco-chairs some years ago, as we were looking for one for our flat in Berlin and those we found were too expensive.

We love acapulco chairs because they are quite comfortable. Also they are perfect to seat either in- or outdoor. It is just a good design, and moreover anonymous. Those chairs were originally made of steel bars used for reinforced concrete. That kind of bars are very heavy and hard to fold. People used to buy themselves their chairs and put them in the garden or in the yard the whole time. Heat, rain and moisture are the typical weather conditions at the pacific coast. Chairs oxidize and get “old” through the years and the elements. After some years the chair is spoiled and the owner just makes himself a new one. Our chairs are not as heavy as those ones and they are made to last longer as well.

There is no “original” size or type. Each manufacturer produces his chairs lightly different than the other one. We found a small family enterprise which is producing chairs and other furniture made of steel and pvc-line since about 25 years ago in Mexico city. So we decided to create a firm in Berlin and started importing acapulco-chairs to Germany.


mex in berlin

mex in berlin2

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