More Safety, More Fun, Less Waste
We love bikes, because with them, we are fast, we are independent and due to our reflective coat, also very safe. For us there are only a few good reasons to leave the bike at home: arctic frostiness combined with glaze ice maybe,
or too many per mill.

Fun as Precondition
When we see how people drudge on their bikes where everything grinds and rattles, that have flat tyres or the frame is just way too big, we can only shake our head.
This way cycling can’t be much fun. But fun is the most important precondition for people using their bikes as a green way to get around. That’s why it is crucial to have a bike that fits. After all, we also wear shoes that have
the right size, protect our feet from the worst and are reasonably comfortable. Same applies to bikes. Being dynamic and still having a convenient position, carrying around only what you really need. For one that means a puristic fixed gear, for the other a touring machine with bells and whistles.
We don’t pursue any stylistic dogma, but dig indivualism. Cycling is, last but not least, a personal statement considering lifestyle and mobility.