By reinterpreting ready-made mundane objects and playing with tradition‭, ‬Lieselotte creates contemporary and authentic lighting‭ ‬objects from porcelain‭. ‬During the creation of its designs‭, ‬the young Berlin based design studio focuses on the tasteful simplicity of its objects to preserve its true poetry‭. ‬The careful and hands-on refinement of each piece of porcelain pays tribute to its inherent history and unique characteristics‭.‬

‭‬This is how a cup becomes a pendant lamp and a tea pot turns into a standard-lamp‭. ‬The new application as a light source increases its utilisation value‭. ‬High quality fixings‭, ‬textile cables‭, ‬gilding‭, ‬additional decors and an eye for detail transform each‭ ‬hand-crafted light into something unique‭. ‬A true one of a kind‭.‬

If you wish to infuse inherited and outmoded porcelain with new purpose or to transform it into a precious keepsake‭, ‬please send‭ ‬Lieselotte a personal enquiry‭.‬

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