WITCHFIST is a collaborative process between mutlti- media artists Liz Rosenfeld and Sadie Weis.
Sadie Weis is a crystal specialist who grows variations of crystals, which are used in her installation and sculptural works. She also creates one of kind pieces of jewelery and other accessories with the cultivated crystals.
Liz Rosenfeld reads and handcrafts indiviual tarot cards and creates personalized spells for people as an integral part of her creative process which includes performance and video work. Both artists are invested in elements of magic in their creative practice.

Rosenfeld & Weis have shown in venues such as The Tate Modern, Heist Gallery ( NYC) The Victoria & Albert Museum, The Hayward Gallery, Preview Berlin, Art Basel, The Scope Art Fair, The British Film Institute, The C/O Gallery, LOOP-Raum für aktuelle kunst, and Dada Post.