Color, Creativity and all the craziness of the 80′s such vivid expression reflects the true passions of Giulia, the girl behind PANE&Vintage: daring yet playful fashion and Italian cuisine. P&V offers a mix of outrageously colorful 80’s clothes and chic, elegant wear for more grown-up occasions. The main goal is to help finding your own daring sense of style and get a hands-on experience of Italian taste.

PANE&Vintage was conceived in Florence as fashion events in bars and clubs with the combination of exclusive Italian food. It is neither a physical store, nor a flea-market regular, but rather a dynamic travelling concept, always on the move, and always on the hunt for authentic vintage clothing. A Berlin transplant since Summer 2010, P&V has grown to call this fine city home…but where will it be off to next?!

New collaboration with the Italian Stylist Pablo Patanè.

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