You’ll find here the list of the designers, vintage sellers, and participants.
They have all been selected by the voodoo team to offer you the best quality and creative market!
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Elisa galleli
Les petites sardines
Silvia Fornié
Warum edition

Enzo philosophy: a wide collection of 70s and 80s vintage eyewear and accessories that defines forms of living, thinking and acting. Important is to define our dress and style inside and out.

Chop Chop graphics: a graphics and silkscreen studio. Funny fancy designs and quirky ideas are the leitmotiv. Chop Chop’s world is built of odd fluo sunglasses, beard scarfs, kissing bearded guys, damned poets

Julien Bach: creates spontaneous site-specific projection mapping.

Niels Kalk: illustrator and collage artist who picked up his old habit of cutting paper and sniffing glue. This resulted in a wide range of clever and humorous photo collages.

Marga van den Meydenberg: Berlin-based street photographer. She has a sharp eye for funny moments in daily life.
Haarprachtig: A mobile Hairflower Service for Swingdancers! Some are cute, some are tacky and some are classy. But all of them are tiny, very light and stand the wildest Dance! Portfolio includes barretts, headbands, Hairflowers, Headpieces, combs, brooches and buttonholers for the gents. !

Rime: collaboration of a graphic and a dancer, who aim to create a “sole dance of colors”of handmade objects, through the recycling of various materials.

Miracolo40: a project space which creates a new way to connect art ,music with style. Its selection includes rare piece of 80/90 and label like :Westwood,Gaultier,Dior,Moschino,and many more.
House of triangles: colourful clothing that has been hand-decorated with everyday objects, creating pieces that are playful, but wearable.

Schuhtütehemd: selection of clothing inspired by Japanese designers, catwalks from the 90s and conceptual fashion design. Looking for simple forms, interesting fabrics, funny accessories and unusual connections.



Berlin cakes: aiming to create the perfect cake for each customer, using seasonal products.



Biss Israeli Brunch: yummy surprises! Everything is Vegetarian and Vegan. The best and Healthiest food to help you overcome the hangover/ get ready for another partying time!

Acidzip: creations made from porcupine quills coupled with brass findings. Each piece is made with care and is unique due to the nature of the quills.


Pastperfekt: giving new lives to objects that are no longer being used. Transform them into something new, working with a range of materials to create furniture, lamps, jewelry, and more unexplored potential. They will hold a workshop “DIY necklace with old pencils”


Aurelia Paumelle: an eponym menswear line by a talented french designer, white simple line and well cut material


I need more rings: passionated by the 80’s they create rings out of vintage gold and silver chains.


Till air plant: selling beautiful and special plants, the Tillandsias, and showing each species in its beauty and originality through the creation of simple and decorative handmade supports for our homes, made of string, wood and other recycled materials.

Zeta Zepa: inspire in the sensuality of a woman with strong personality, daring and at the same time totally feminim. play with texture, with shine and lightness, transparence.

Miss Renay Penny: a self-taught costumer creating her own accessories and hand-painted or silkscreen pattern designs with a special taste for ancient materials, fabric, lace, a nostalgic touch and the elegance of nature’s shapes.

Vintage Vamp: jewellry designs utilizing her own photographs depicting dark themes as well as hand drawn images, and clothing designs based on a combination of vintage patterns.

Sasha de Montal:a collection of unique hand-sewn pieces for clothes and accessories that is chic, easy to wear, and comfortable. Dedicated to people who look for elegance as well as a touch of humor in their garments.

Minkies Pinkies: nail artists from London. You name it they can paint it! Choose from their personal nail menu of over 30 designs or discuss your own ideas.

Caffeinated toothpaste: Josh is a cartoonist and illustrator working out of The Cheese Mountain Tragedy, and drawing his diary comic featuring coffee, Berlin, and his man-child-esque antics.

Mies Nobis: a jewellery label inspired by the shapes of horn and bone. The design details are reminiscent of animal features and instill distinct character to each piece.

Claudia Vitali is looking for color, magic, shape, comfort and originality is what  in every one of her garments and accessories . Find your light summer gowns at the market !


Deafmessanger : Creates amazing, individual, personal notebooks, diaries, sketchbooks, agendas and postcards.



Ekolovesanimal: ethical brand creating upcycled bags and accessories made from recycled leather. unique pieces from old clothes and couches, made of real or eco leather, using inner tubes and recycled seatbelts.


Elicamente:combines the indie music and something to wear, a feeling, a mood, melancholy as a remedy to the extinction of animals, Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich…



Sarah Forkit: making body ornaments from ‘upcycled’ materials, including the leather, chain antique markets, old jewellery, thrift stores, etc.. Every single piece is 100% unique, handmade, with lots of love and attention.


Gudbling: mixing cottonjersey, beads, chains and yarns creating ethnic, eclectic and sometimes eccentric handmade jewelry. Crochet is contemporary!



Infected designers: find and collect discarded plastic bags to create accessories like handbags and bow ties. All goods are crafted in Berlin and inspired by the city’s urban environment.


JEONGA CHOI was founded in 2011 an provides unique and sophisticated hats and accessories. Each piece is lovingly handmade with the highest quality materials.



 Knoth Kouture :a young fashion and costume label for men from Berlin.




Laurent Sylla: Elegant, classic and eco friendly, these bags have toured all over the place from the fashion week to the beach of Istanbul, a pure bag of Fun !


LeMagass:Vintage-stand with crazy multicolour 80′s bike-spandex as well as ultra old leather-bags/Gobelin-purses and belts from your grand-grannies’ cool emancipated friend from the 20′s.


Litantrace: Upcycles intricately designed jewelry out of inner tubes.Her necklace and earings are modern lace and reinterpretation of urban flowers, cutted with love and precision.


Mashyno: Stylish handmade spandex necklaces. Twist them, stretch them, wear them any way you like. Share with your friends, tangle up your lovers. Fun and colourful or chic and sophisticated…



Mayflower: Collecting vintage fashion has become more than just a personal pleasure for Luka who is expressing his vintage glamour aspirations, and trying to bring it into the everyday life.



Mein Hansi: recycling pre- and post-consumer waste… that is end of roll-fabric, production cut-offs and 2.hand clothing and fabric. Crazy pieces with a unique character. Everything you get is a single one-off-piece made in germany!



Metà Metà: discovering and sharing the talent of various artists more or less known from the public, but in becoming. A fresh, easy and special collection of clothes and accessories, nice prices and good energy.



Miki Banana: is a vintage Shop that offers you a time travel trip to the 80’s with a great collection of printed -Shirt and an timeless  powerful 70’s  flowers collection for sping and ever !!!


My Skin: giving to leather accessories a new perspective with a long Tradition of Italian Design, a great variety of Colours and luxury Materials. Bracelets, belts, bags 100% handmade, giving your accessories strong personality.


Milk Monochrome:Moulding precious treasures ( such as human bones and teeth, antiques, old toys… ) from 7 years of research through sewing, painting, body modification, and travels to create unique and unisex resin jewels.


Mon bibi: lovely cocktail hats hand-made with quality, natural felt and grossgrain ribbons. Inspired by the spirit of vintage fashion, the “bibis” are timeless accessories.



Persona non grata: collaborating with many big names in the fashion and music industry, he will find the haircut that suits you the best: Classic, trashy, retro, modern, proper or punky, creative and edgy.



Superficial: half shop and half “art and design” gallery, all clothes are made by young talents from Asia and from Berlin.


Taiptaip: The jewelry box is opened! All the jewelry pieces you find here are created buy loving hand, in unique or small series, with items collected and from fleamarkets.



Maigold: Pretty little waldrobes to hang your necklaces, your umbrella for the coming fall, or your summer hat!


Timeless: giving new life to our old timepieces by removing the inner-workings of old watches and replacing it with tiny letters, little figures, logos or small pictures.



the vintage shop: Online Shop for chic and easy to wear vintage clothes, bags, shoes and accesoires.… in vintage we trust!



Wilfried pletzinger: Stretch your limits with sexy and unconventional vintage sportswear upcycled. Gives your personality its own expression!