People at Heritage & Rare dedicate their time hunting down extremely rare pre-industrial garments from Europe, USA and Asia. Believing each object has a story, they decided to transition their 15 years heritage clothing collecting into a physical showroom dedicated to providing timeless and unique products.
The items within their selection come from the 19th and 20th Century, mostly from Italy, France, Germany, Spain and USA. A collection of unique and unrepeatable pieces characterized by marvelous fabric and tailoring that nowadays you just can’t find anymore.
From French peasants’ everyday apparel and workwear where the story and the life they went through is written on the fabric of each piece, to high-end Italian tailoring (including women dresses from 1920’s, dead stock underwear and tail-coats) Heritage & Rare brings fashionable clothing always containing a particular when not personal story, focused on civilian’s workwear and complements, antique women fashion, pre industrial military clothing as well as antique props for deco and much more.

Created by a group of fashion entrepreneurs, Voyage Vertical Showroom takes you to a new journey, a transcendental experience where garments are no longer cold objects but personal affects with a life of their own.
Voyage Vertical space hosts three different projects: HERITAGE AND RARE, EKOLOVESANIMAL and LUSSO SPORTIVO, together with other activities such as tattoo studio, photography set studio, temporary showroom for outer designers or art exhibitions.


voyage vertical