EKOLOVESANIMAL is an ethical brand based in Berlin. Founded in Italy in 2011 has focused its production to limited edition bags employing high quality upcycled leather.
Minimal design carefully crafted with particular attention to every detail. The EKOLOVESANIMAL bag with its soft shape and easy wear is a prominent accessory extremely versatile where functionality and design are awesomely combined.
The creation of a unique and exclusive object is firmly connected to the attention on the environmental impact of the production in all its phases. The choice of upcycling materials stands for the brand commitment to be ecological reducing to a minimum the impact to the environment.

Created by a group of fashion entrepreneurs, Voyage Vertical Showroom takes you to a new journey, a transcendental experience where garments are no longer cold objects but personal affects with a life of their own.
Voyage Vertical space hosts three different projects: HERITAGE AND RARE, EKOLOVESANIMAL and LUSSO SPORTIVO, together with other activities such as tattoo studio, photography set studio, temporary showroom for outer designers or art exhibitions.



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