For those you are still a bit afraid of the real tattoo at our Beauty Corner (or who are too young!), Tattoo Tattaa is the solution!

Giddy up, count your pennies, lace up your dancing shoes and get ready for tattoo tattaa.

Pimp up your leathery hide with our funky temp tattoos and transform your bleak skin into a lush landscape filled with color and adventure.
It doesn‘t matter if you’re an astronaut on a trek to mars, a bride causing havoc at her own wedding, or a lonely cave dweller on a one-man party trip.

With the temp tats from tattoo tattaa even the dullest work meetings and conference calls will be transformed.

It’s easy as pie: spit on it, press the tat tightly to your chosen body part and peel off the back. Done.
Don’t settle for cheap tramp stamps that go out of fashion before you’ve even paid your ink slinging artiste.


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