We founded Till in Berlin in April 2012 because we wanted to share our love for these beautiful and special plants, the Tillandsias, still unknown to many people.

Our project focuses on playing with the plant itself, showing each species in its beauty and originality through the creation of simple and decorative handmade supports for our homes, made of string, wood and other recycled materials.
We enjoy working with different supports and shapes trying to find the most suitable ones for each species.
We like the idea these plants don’t need soil and strong roots to grow.
We like the idea they find nourishment in the air that surrounds them.
We like the fact they don’t need any special attention and that, in their uniqueness, they are very simple and easy to mantain.
We like their weird shapes which remind of fantasy worlds and mysterious characters.
We like the idea they are very ancient plants with a long history.

But, above all, we like to think that life can also be lived like this, floating, without feeling the need to keep the feet on the ground.