What would be the VOODOO MARKET without Persona non Grata!?
Get the best haircut in town directly at the market, and hurry up because we have a limited number of places.

Send us an email at voodoomarket.berlin@gmail.com
every haircut is 20€ and takes between 30min and 45 min.
You can also try to step by the market spontaneously but we can’t promiss it won’t be already full….

Persona non grata has already collaborated with many big names in the fashion and music industry (Lady Gaga, The Gossip, Robots in Disguise, Molly Nilsson…)

Classic, trashy, retro, modern, proper or punky, Persona non grata is the guy for you and your hair.
Precise, rigorous, but still creative and edgy, he will find the haircut that suits you the best, making you Voodoo!
Don’t be afraid, if you want a simple haircut he can also do it, of course!